MTN Capital Partners

Building Partnerships

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Our success depends on building partnerships with the parties that make our transactions possible.

We close our transactions expeditiously because our professionals are experienced in evaluating and financing acquisitions.

If previous owners want to remain involved with their companies post-acquisition, we welcome them as senior executives, as shareholders and as members of the board of directors.

Key to our success is building a genuine partnership with the managers of our portfolio companies. We partner with managers who want to build equity value for their shareholders and themselves.

We structure ownership and incentive plans that offer management significant rewards for growth and profitability.

Our industry experts, who have experience with much larger companies, are a valuable resource to our managers.

Industry Experts
MTN's private equity professionals have a background in finance. Central to our business model is to partner with experts in the industries in which our portfolio companies operate. Our industry experts  help us with due diligence before the  acquisition and join the portfolio company's  board of   directors

They are a resource to the management of our portfolio companies to boost growth and profitability.

Investment Bankers
MTN's professionals are experienced, dynamic and creative. We are quick in evaluating transactions and resourceful in getting to the finish line.